21 Sep

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Start date: 12:00, Sep 21 2017 End date: 12:00, Sep 22 2017 Location: Geneva

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UN Experts Workshop

UN Experts' Workshop on Witchcraft and Human Rights in Geneva

This is the first ever workshop at UN or international level to discuss witchcraft and human rights in a systematic and in-depth manner. It will bring together experts from the UN, academics and representatives of civil society agencies to discuss the violence associated with such beliefs and practices against groups that are particularly vulnerable.

It will highlight the various manifestations of witchcraft beliefs and practices, including accusations, stigma and ritual killings, before looking to identify good practices in combatting the phenomena. The meeting will also be an opportunity to consider whether current legislative frameworks are sufficient to meet State legal duty to prevent, punish, investigate and provide remedies for harm caused by beliefs in witchcraft.


  • to enable greater understanding of witchcraft related beliefs and practices, and their impact on the enjoyment of human rights, with a view to developing solutions to prevent further abuses from taking place;
  • to discuss violence, highlight manifestation, identify good practice and discuss the adequacy of existing legal framework to ensure State legal duty;
  • to mainstream the issue into the UN Human Rights System and provide practical guidance to relevant actors.

From SCWA two representatives (Dr. Emilie Secker and Carolyn Gent) will be attending, and presenting on a key panel exploring faith based perspectives.

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