Steering Group Meeting

An update from the SCWA Steering Group meeting held on 8th May 2017

The SCWA Steering Group held our second meeting of 2017 on 8th May. This was hosted by SCWA Steering Group Member Safe Child Africa at their office in Manchester.

We had a very productive meeting focussing on plans for piloting our practical training tool in DRC and Togo in the second half of 2017. This tool was developed through working closely with a group of church leaders in DRC, following our Roundtable Action Forum there in 2014. We are currently finalising plans for four pilots; three in DRC and one in Togo. Once the pilots are complete we plan to hold dissemination events to share the results, and to launch the full training tool. This practical tool will be freely available to church leaders who wish to take action to end the abuse children face due to child witchcraft accusations.

In addition, we looked at the best ways to further develop our links with strategic networks, and possibilities for advocacy at the UN level. We were also very excited to hear updates on SCWA Steering Group Member FEBA’s development of audio resources, including radio dramas, on child witchcraft accusations. Finally we have developed am SCWA ‘postcard’ which can be printed and shared.

Our next meeting will be on 11th September and we look forward to a busy summer!

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