Nori's Story

Nori's bed–wetting becomes an excuse to accuse her of witchcraft. Thankfully the family find a helpful pastor.

D.R. Congo — March 2016

After her stepfather lost his job, 13 year–old Nori and her mother had to go and live with relatives. Noticing she was wetting the bed, Nori’s uncles and aunts began to accuse her of being a witch. When a ‘prophetess’ confirmed their accusations, the family began abusing and neglecting Nori, eventually taking her to another church for an exorcism.

As soon as he found out about this, EPED’s Pastor Faustin went to meet Nori and her mother, to share the truth of God’s love for children and the seriousness of false accusations of witchcraft. With EPED’s support, a close relationship is now forming between Nori and her family. She and her mother have also begun attending Pastor Faustin’s church. Nori is finding a sense of belonging, not only in her own family but also in the family of God.

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