Yossi's Story

Not only thrown out of home accused of witchcraft, but with heart cancer too, only a miracle could save this boy's life.

D.R. Congo

Yossi, an 11–year–old youngster from Mumbabiro, had been thrown out of his home and abandoned by his parents after they accused him of witchcraft. Worse was yet to follow, as Yossi soon became gravely ill.

Fortunately, Rev. Jean–Paul Aruna (leader of Laissez Vivre les Enfants) found Yossi and took him to hospital in Goma, where he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour on his heart. He had almost stopped eating anything, and was very weak. Doctors began debating whether or not they should operate to remove the tumour. Nobody could have anticipated what happened next.

People around the world heard news of Yossi’s condition, and began to pray fervently for him. Later, when the doctors scanned Yossi’s heart again, the tumour had completely disappeared. Doctors could offer no explanation except that God had miraculously healed him! Yossi regained his health and strength overnight.

Doctors could offer no explanation except that God had miraculously healed him!

Yossi’s situation is still far from ideal. When his parents insisted that he return home, they began to abuse him again and to make him work long hours in the fields. The police tried to remove Yossi from his parents, but found the whole family had gone when they arrived at the house.

When Yossi was eventually found, thankfully safe and well, sending him back home was out of the question. Jean–Paul is now doing his best to support Yossi and has placed him in foster care with a local pastor and his wife. But Yossi’s life has been transformed and he is now fit and healthy. God clearly has his hand of blessing on this boy.

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