the Heart of the Matter

Course for keeping children safe from harm in church and community.

Make sure you have the access form and all three parts: the Facilitator’s Guide, the Modules, and the Evaluation Forms

This interactive and participatory training workshop of seven modules is designed to help church leaders and workers keep children safe from harm in a church and community context.

The ultimate aim is to contribute to a significant change in thinking and actions in local churches and communities in relation to the phenomenon of witchcraft accusations, especially against children.

The intent is to explore in depth the context in which such suspicions and accusations arise, and to provide biblical insights which serve to improve understanding of the issue. In turn this will lead to responses which are practical, healthy and appropriate, and which avoid causing further harm or stigmatisation to the child.

The ideal outcome of a practical response is to resolve any underlying fears or threats, whether real or perceived, and to restore the child to the family and the community without any stigma, either latent or expressed.

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