Clarence & Tresor

His parents' divorce was just the beginning of Clarence's troubles. Soon he and his cousin experience violent abuse and neglect.

D.R. Congo

Clarence’s troubles began when his parents divorced. His stepmother took a dislike to him and accused him of being a ‘witch’. After being dragged to a local church, where the pastor performed a violent and traumatic exorcism on him, Clarence (15 years old) fled his home and took shelter with his uncle, but the accusations of witchcraft followed him. After the unexplained deaths of two young boys in the family, fingers were pointed at Clarence and at his cousin, Tresor (aged 13). With their family depriving them of even their most basic needs, Clarence and Tresor were forced to move out and sleep in a partially–built house in the town.

It was at this stage that social workers from BCT’s partner found the boys.

Clarence and his cousin Tresor were deprived of even their most basic needs.

The social workers attempted to reconcile the boys to their family, without success. But Clarence and Tresor wanted to get off the streets and get back to school, so what was the answer? Mercifully, a caring pastor and his wife have come forward and are fostering both boys.

Clarence and Tresor’s story is not finished. They still need long–term support and counselling as they come to terms with the traumas they have experienced. But their situation is improving. They now have a safe and loving home, are thriving at school and have found a sense of belonging at church. Perhaps most importantly, they have hope for the future.

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