Standing in the Gap — no.3e

— praying for children accused of being witches.

You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. — Matthew 5:14.

When the Church is at its best, then it’s a light to the world as it authentically reflects the character and ways of Christ. As his followers, our calling is to bring the light and love of Christ to those around us, as we are filled with his Spirit and live faithfully according to his truth and teaching.

In contexts where accusations of witchcraft against children and adults are accepted as normal, some church leaders and members are now leading the way in addressing this issue. They are passionately seeking to stop the associated violence and to ensure that those who are vulnerable to accusations are cared for and protected.

Praise God that many are now encouraging their churches and community members to look at the roots of these accusations, and taking them on a journey of learning that is leading to change for good!

People understand that these children are not witches. The adults in the church have realised that they are the direct mediators between children and adults. They know how to advocate for and defend them when there is maltreatment… Many parents and children have been reconciled and others have repented for having abused children.” – participant at Heart of the Matter training workshop in Goma, D.R. Congo.

Let your light shine before others…

Give thanks…

Thank God for leaders with integrity:

Leaders like Rev. Jean–Paul A. in Goma, Rev. Sylvain K. in Kasai, and Rev. Abel N. in Kinshasa (all in D.R. Congo), along with their teams, are being a light to their communities. Pray that God will continue to anoint and strengthen them for this work and bring fruitful outcomes.

Thank God for true repentance:

Many pastors have renounced their former malpractice and have now committed to treat all children with love and respect. Praise God!

Please pray…

Remember these needs in prayer:

  • for protection for church leaders and others who are addressing this issue — often in very insecure and deeply challenging environments. Pray that Christ himself will shield them, uphold them and give them joy in his presence and in serving him.
  • for churches and communities where change is slow in coming. As one church leader said: “In my community, there has not been a lot of change. There are many false pastors, prophets, apostles, and bishops who do wrong to people by using false prophecies to earn money, but they don’t live a spiritual life as God tells us to.

Pray for breakthrough in even the toughest areas and for transformation in hearts and understanding.

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may glorify your Father in heaven.” — Matthew 5:16.

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