Pray for Children Accused of Witchcraft

Key points for prayer.

‘The measure of your love for others can be seen in the frequency and fervency of your prayers for them.’ (Walter Wink)

Pray for changes in understanding

In many parts of the world, witchcraft accusations and persecution are rooted in deeply held beliefs and worldviews. Influencing these outlooks and beliefs is not easy.

  • Pray for those agencies and individuals who are seeking to stimulate community conversations through which the roots and consequences of these beliefs can be brought into the open.
  • Ask God to bring about changes in understanding and practice as the light of Jesus Christ reveals a better way.

Pray for churches

Some church leaders are promoting and endorsing witchcraft accusations against children. Others are working hard to rescue children out of this form of abuse and to challenge any belief or practice that harms them.

  • Pray for churches and church leaders worldwide to truly reflect the character of Christ and his kingdom.
  • Thank God for those who are training churches in good theology and child care and protection.
  • Pray that more churches will become places where children are nurtured and kept safe, as they should always be.

Pray for strong governance

Witchcraft accusations and persecution against children flourish in nations where there is poor governance and corruption — where laws are made but rarely upheld, and where injustice is rife. Nations like D.R.Congo and Nigeria have signed up to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and put national laws in place to protect children. And yet those who harm children are rarely prosecuted, and thousands of children are brutally abused and thrown onto the streets.

  • Pray for strong and good governance in nations where it is poor.
  • Pray for laws that protect children to be established and rigorously upheld.

Pray for families

In some societies, family breakdown and stress may create an environment where accusations of witchcraft against children can flourish. Families where there is divorce and poverty may be particularly at risk.

  • Thank God for initiatives designed to strengthen families, such as those that help families to generate income, and others that teach about good parenting and maintaining strong marriages.
  • Pray for more schemes that strengthen and support families.

Pray for organisations and individuals to act and advocate

There is a great need for more organisations and individuals to intervene and advocate on behalf of children who are branded as ‘witches’, and people also desperately need human resources, financial support, and training material to help address this form of abuse.

  • Thank God for those who are getting involved.
  • Pray for many more agencies and individuals to come together, and to use their resources, skills and experience to bring an end to this abuse.
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